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Bobbi Holyoak ( www.Holyoak-whips.com ) was removed from the “Whip Basics Ring of Trust“. Shortly after that, I was contacted by a customer, who had issues with a whip he bought from Mrs. Holyoak. At the time he contacted me, he was aware that Mrs. Holyoak was no longer a member of the WB Ring of Trust. And that the guarantee and service which is assured by the members of the RoT - and myself - did not apply to her anymore. I brought this to the attention of the other members of the RoT and we all agreed that we have to help this customer, because, when he bought that whip from Holyoak whips, Mrs. Holyoak was a member of the RoT. And so we came to the conclusion that we are still responsible and we took full responsibility. The customer got a new whip - for free - made by Rachel McCollough from Wolfcreek Whips ( www.WolfCreekWhips.com ).

The whip was sent to one of the Members of the RoT for inspection. It was taken apart carefully and every step was documented. I will not comment on the pictures to avoid the impression that I am not neutral. And to be completely politically correct, the whip was inspected by a female whip maker: Mrs McCollough. One thing I have to mention is this: Mrs. Holyoak states until the present day (July 22, 2017) on her website, the following:

"HolyOak whips are built using 550 & 650 nylon paracord, which does not mildew or rot. All whips have at least one braided belly as well as traditional bolsters.  I never use tape in the construction of my bolsters because every whip is waxed using the submersion technique.“..."I love my whips and take a lot of pride in each one.  I want you to love them too. I do have a formula that I use to make them but I am always tweaking things to improve the whips."

End Quote.

This is an example of how the Whip Basics Ring of Trust works. When I founded the Ring of Trust, I set the highest possible standards. Therefore the RoT has only a few members. Info on the Whip Basics Ring of Trust you will find right here:  http://www.whip-basics.com/trust/ From this point on I can’t recommend Holyoak-whips anymore. Please keep in mind, that if you buy from Holyoak-whips, the Ring of Trust is not responsible and we can’t help you from now on if you experience something like this. I won’t make any more comments on that matter. Here are the pictures with detailed descriptions.

Robert Amper
Founder of Whip Basics
Founder of the Whip Basics Ring of Trust







Explanation on the unknown purple material - Heat shrink

The use of heat shrink has been discussed on and off in the forum for over a year.  Each time it has been brought up, it was always discussed as a possibility, something that could be tried and tested. When seeing these photographs, the “unknown substance” was suspected to be heat shrink. One of our members started out as an electrician, but moved on to getting his degree as a master diesel mechanic, with a specialty in electrical.  He sees this substance every day and he confirmed my suspicions. That is most definitely heat shrink tubing. When asking about the properties of this product, he had this to say:

Heat shrink is for isolating wires.  It is color coded because different wires do different things. Colors make differentiating what goes where easier.  This is why you find it in all colors.

Wires, whether in a wall or in a vehicle are not meant to have to move. Therefore, heat shrink was not designed to move. At first it is somewhat flexible and rubbery, but that does not last long and eventually it will become brittle and crack.  This is very apparent in the photographs.  There is a crack at the hinge point between the barn spike and the first BB, and subsequently, a crack.

Heat shrink is plastic and waterproof. There is no way for wax to be able to penetrate through all layers of the whip with heat shrink on the thong.

Like electrical tape, heat shrink is not meant to be a valid replacement for binding a whip with sinew. It is not made to move, or flex. While this is not electrical tape, it is equal to it.  It is a faster and more ergonomic method of wrapping wires to isolate them.  It is a simpler form of electrical tape. 























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