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For the donations here's where you can post photos and a description of the item you are donating to the 2017 WB Dog Shelter Campaign.
Good clear photos in natural light with a overall description of the item.

You can then use the link to this page to post with your announcement to what ever social website you want to post it to so those interested can see what the prizes are.

I think it would be wise to wait until all or at least most donations can be listed, photographed and posted here before announcing the raffle outside of WB.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or ideas please PM me so as not to clutter up this thread with anything other than donations, photos and the description.

Do not reply to this thread with anything but donation photos and the description of the item being donated. Anything else will be deleted so that only donations show up here.


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Re: Donation Prizes / photos and descriptions

Well, after much thought and consideration I have a whip to donate to the dog shelter.  I have up for auction an 7"8' Whiskey American Bullwhip from Mike Murphy.  I bought it second hand years ago.  I have always cracked it on grass.  I just have not been able to give it the proper attention and care it deserves.  It currently needs a good cleaning and the fall is still long but a bit ragged.  I am unsure what the handle foundation is, the bolsters are cowhide, and the bellies and overlay are kangaroo.  It still has life in it and the transition is still solid, but less solid than I care for.  The whip itself is very solid and shows the care that Mike put into all his whips.  if I can get the time I will give it a good cleaning, greasing, and maybe a new coat of shellac to really make it shine.

Good luck everyone!  May this whip find a good home and a loving owner.


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Re: Donation Prizes / photos and descriptions

And here is mine: 6.5 foot paracord in light tan, 12 plait.  Hand wood burned portrait of Lucy the dog on oak veneer with dyed mahogany veneer.  2 knots over the transition hug a silver chain dog collar.

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Re: Donation Prizes / photos and descriptions

Ladies and gents, I present to you the Model 1971 "Salty Dog." It's a firefighter inspired 7 foot nylon bullwhip with a 14" fiberglass handle, nylon core, 4 plait, 8 plait, and 12 plait bellies, ending in a 16 plait split handle and thong overlay. The model number is a reference to NFPA 1971, the national standard for firefighting turnout gear. Therefore, it reflects some of those requirements. The thong is gold mixed with 2 safety green stripes, and 1 retroreflective stripe in-between. On turnouts, the florescent trim is for daytime visibility, and the retroreflective trim for night operations. I wasn't pleased with any of that tracer paracord having a skinny little reflective thread, so I went to recreate the effect myself. Last, but not least, the handle features an avulsion cutaway revealing the hand-engraved brass ferrule underneath. A maltese cross, the symbol of the Fire Service, is on one side, and on the opposite is the number. The brass remains bare to represent the sliding poles found in older, multi-story fire stations.

The Ferrule


The retroreflective trim activated.



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Here is the leash I will be donating. It is five feet long, and is black with neon green.

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I would like to donate this whip I've made earlier. It's barely used at all. It's a 12 plait, 4 foot bullwhip:


It's very light and fast - almost like a pocket whip!

More images behind this link: http://imgur.com/a/tHgsl


Re: Donation Prizes / photos and descriptions

This 16 plait whip is 6.5 feet long with an English eye, a 30 inch weighted double loop fall.
It has a chrome ferule with bookend turks head knots. It also has a glass cabochon highlighting a puppy paw print in the heel knot.






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Re: Donation Prizes / photos and descriptions

18 plait six foot bull whip in the colors of the German flag.


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So I've finally completed my donation whip! It's a 7ft 20 plait snakewhip with a fire pattern, english eye and twisted taper fall and cracker loop! smile


And as an extra, the heel knot has a 3D printed "WhipBasics" logo! ^_^


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Re: Donation Prizes / photos and descriptions

Since Photobucket let us down, I'm posting some new photos of the whip I'm donating as a prize:

It's a 5-foot snakewhip (maker unknown - possibly the late Larry Robinson). It's made of leather - I don't know what kind of leather, but I don't think it's kangaroo. I showed this whip to David Morgan about fifteen years ago, who looked at it with his usual critical eye. Then he cracked it. 'Well, it works,' he observed dryly. True enough.

I think it could be much improved by someone used to working with leather. For one thing, the shot loading goes too far down the thong. Where that stops, the thong just flops. The leather fall is too wide and too flat. It really should be replaced. But - the whip does indeed crack. Someone might enjoy just playing with it, or (even better) rebuilding the end of the thong and replacing the fall as an interesting project.





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Here is my donation:


7 foot academy with neon orange paracord and international orange wavelace.  It has a 12" wooden handle by Roy, and this is my first waxed whip smile

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Here is my donation whip.  #003 Rachel Stock.  5' 16 plait with two plaited bellies.  Twisted English Eye.  Acid dark brown and chocolate.
Birds Eye pattern for interest.
18" Bocoté handle with kangaroo keeper and grip. 
All supplies from Whip Nation


Inch by inch.


Re: Donation Prizes / photos and descriptions

One more picture smile

Inch by inch.


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5 feet Gator Tail in Stars-N-Stripes. 10 inch Goncalo handle

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Here is my donation whip:
It's a 5 foot 20 plait snakewhip with 3 palited bellies. Led loaded from heel to the tip and a 6 plait tip before the english eye. It comes with a led loaded twisted fall with a cracker loop.





I've mentioned that I'll also include another price - here it is: firesteel and striker.


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I'm just putting up a direct view of Ben's whip here:

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To start this off, I would like to say how important it is to me that these dogs get the help they deserve. All dogs deserve a chance at a happy life in a loving home. I have rescued two of my three dogs from shelters, and not only did I save them, but they've saved me. I was in a dark place in my life before they came in, and I have received nothing but love from the two of them. I decided to help these pups while paying homage to my rescues.

Up for donation from Quartermaster Whips is a 10 foot, single belly bullwhip in black and tan. Towards the heel of the whip is a third layer of plaiting in silver. This serves to thicken the handle, making it more comfortable. At the transition point is a hand-cut and stitched leather ferrule in white. These colors serve to mirror the colors of my pups. I designed this whip to have a similar action to a stockwhip, while at the same time, keeping the fixed transition of a bullwhip. This particular whip cracks very easily, having enough weight to be almost effortless, while remaining light it doesn't feel as though it will pull itself out of your hand.

Also, a huge shoutout to Rachel McCollough of Wolf Creek Whips for helping me to wax this whip.

Below are piicture of the whip that is up for raffle:




And pictures of my girls:

This is Tinkerbell, the first of our rescues.



And this is Gabby. She was chosen by Tink, believe it or not.



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Re: Donation Prizes / photos and descriptions

Here is my donation to the Dog Shelter Raffle. It is a 7'6" Bullwhip in Burgundy and Black with a vertical cord handle design. The handle is a 10.5" 6mm steel bar; the thong is two bellies - 8 plt and 12 plt, both sinew-bound. The overlay is 16 plt. The heel knot is a 6L5B Turks Head over a silicon self-seal tape foundation. All waxed.






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