Re: The Fast Figure 8 from 1/5/17 to 1/14/17

It is indeed! Keep at it, and you'll be superb!

'Less is often more!'


Re: The Fast Figure 8 from 1/5/17 to 1/14/17

I've been smashing the FF8 for some days now.  After realising the swiveling hand, I endeavored to perform it in as tight as plane as possible, but maybe i'm trying to exceed what is possible for that.
After initially achieving quite a tight plane and having the thong fairly nice and straight by what kind of felt like cheating, I have tried to do the 'flip' more directly than the fluid twisting motion. 
I'm wondering if I have made a mistake there because it seems a lot harder to keep the thong nice and straight. But then I wondered if it is just because I need more practice, which is what I have undertaken.
At times I manage to nail it but the overall results are much less consistent so far.
Perhaps it is foolish to carry on putting so much effort into this but I'm going to continue for another week or so before I draw too many conclusions.