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Hello, Whip Basics.

Last year, Robby and others coordinated an ultimately successful donation campaign for a dog shelter. The idea was to make this an annual thing, so that the voices who cannot ask for help would still be heard...and would still get that help. Well, we're getting on to about that time, now, and I have been asked to take up the mantle and begin the work again.

Last time, a trusted member was selected to organize a PayPal account and hold the donations, then post the receipt online for everyone to see. It was all very professional, and I think we can do that again here. Again, I think we can do a raffle.

The rules are simple: The minimum donation is $5US, which gets you a card in the hat. $10US gets you two cards, and so on. There is no maximum donation at this time. We will take sign-ups from WB members for prizes, like last time, so anyone who would like to sign up for that can do so. I will create a separate thread for raffle prize sign-ups. Remember: The more prizes that are donated, the more chances for any donating member to win!

A trusted third party will be tasked with holding the donations, just like last time. Whomever wishes to sign up for this responsibility must demonstrate a working knowledge of PayPal, and the ability to set up a dedicated account for processing the donations. Jonathen Lewis did that last time, and his thread can be found here: http://www.whip-basics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2584. If you wish to sign up for this responsibility, please PM me or Jessie.

I would prefer to keep the responsibility of drawing names separate from that of holding the donations. Whomever does draw the names should be willing to leave their name out of the hat, to avoid a conflict of interest. It is a sacrifice to ask this, I know, but one I think will help to protect the integrity of the process. If no volunteers are chosen by the deadline, I will draw names myself. Anyone wishing to volunteer for this responsibility should PM me, or Jessie.

Like last time, a three week deadline will be imposed for donations to the shelter campaign. Robby's original idea was to allow enough time that people could participate if they wanted to, but not to prolong the process any further than necessary. I would like to keep that standard going here. The three weeks will begin once the PayPal account is set up and functioning, and I will make an announcement here when that happens.

No one is "required" to participate, but this event was highly prized by Robby and by others, and deserves at least the respect of acknowledgement by WB members. Jessie and I can see who posts, and where, and we will be reminding people via email if they "haven't had the chance" to see this thread after a while. big_smile

Also, please respect the campaign and its intent by honoring your commitment. If you agree to contribute a raffle prize, it is important that you fulfill that promise to the community. I don't need to remind the community of what happened last year. Please...if you promise to contribute to the raffle, be serious about doing it. Do not agree to do it if you are not 100% intent on keeping your word.

Overall, please remember that this is for the doggies, and who can say no to those lovable little puppy eyes? If you don't wish to participate, please pass on this information to someone else; friends, a family member, anyone who might wish to contribute. Too many of our furry friends end up on the street and, having been there myself, I can say it's no way to live. This money will help them to find loving homes.

When you do read this thread, please post a simple reply here which acknowledges you've read it.


So, after a while of discussing things with Jessie, we have settled on some new ideas for the raffle. I believe we're back to one drawing, but with one key difference: There will now be different donation levels for participants. I had considered the idea earlier, but worried that it would complicate things too much. After having had it suggested to me, and seeing how much support there was for the idea, I have stopped worrying about that.

Tickets will range from $5 to $50, with each donation level representing different raffle prize brackets. Naturally, the lower donation amounts will buy tickets for raffle prizes with a lower dollar value than higher donation amounts. It is the total amount of donations during the raffle which determines which hat your name will be drawn from, so multiple donations adding up to $50+ will still qualify you for the high-value raffle prizes.

Jessie has consulted with Robert Gage about his current situation, and the whole mess with the EU which is currently making life very interesting over there. There were concerns that the donations may lose value during conversion to other currencies, and it's just going to be unpredictable if we go that route. To that end, Stefan has agreed to be our new treasurer for this year's raffle.

Stefan, if that changes, please notify me via PM, so that we may select a new treasurer. Please also confirm your acceptance here, so that we're all on the same page, if you wouldn't mind. big_smile

Now...I know it's been a while since all of this got started, but I really want to lock everything down before I open up the donations. I need to know that everything is in place before money changes hands. I think we can wrap it up in a couple of days, if we try our best. At that point, donations will be open and Stefan will keep track of all the donations.

Raffle prize contributors: Please begin your work now. Even if it takes us a while to get all our ducks in a row, it won't hurt anything to have your contributions completed early. Forewarned is forarmed, and fortune favors the bold, etc, etc, etc.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who is participating in this raffle for their contributions, and for their patience.


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Good job David.
Is the raffle open to the public , say like on FB?
And if so how could that be done?


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Read it, sounds good and very reasonable smile

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Very good, David!

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Ron, last time it was open only to WB members, as far as I know. I was thinking about it, and I have to wonder...is it necessarily a bad thing to open it up to more people?

I have not run that idea by Robby or Jessie, so at this time, it is only open to our group, same as last year. I feel like expanding it beyond Whip Basics may introduce variables we can't control, so I want to discuss it further before doing anything like that.

At the same time, though...I feel like we could get much greater exposure for the dog shelter if we do open it up for others. We'd also get more exposure for our community, and what we're really about.

I need to debate this with the others before I can make a ruling on that.


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David, I'd be cautious about opening this beyond the WB community. I can foresee all kinds of potential problems with the donations, and people crying 'unfair' at the results. I think we might be opening ourselves up to a great deal of trouble - though I'd like to know what Robby thinks. I suggest you run it past him as soon as possible....

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@ David Cross:

"Whip Auctions for a Dog Shelter" is a great project - I love the idea and I will donate !!!

All the best


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Robby is still recovering from his injury, and cannot commit to a great deal of problem-solving here. I have been entrusted with the responsibility of making sure this goes off well, and I don't wish to disturb him any further.

So...with that in mind, and with the fact that complications might arise out of expanding it beyond WB members, I am keeping this campaign limited to the community. Apart from the fact that there is no theoretical limit on how many participants we might have to handle (which could be overwhelming in the end), we have a very limited supply of makers who will be able to participate by contributing a prize. More participants means less chance for anyone to win, and some outsiders may cry foul if they don't get their way. I'm not prepared to deal with that, and I wouldn't ask the community to deal with it either.

Maybe next time. For now? Probably best to keep it small. It's a shame, though, because I know we could reach a higher donation amount if we had more participants. I'm going to have to let go of that, in the interest of keeping control of this thing long enough to reach a successful conclusion.

In other news, Robert Gage has graciously volunteered to be our donation holder. He will not have his name in the hat, and can be trusted to handle the donations. He's one of the most honest men I've ever met.

Keep an eye out for the raffle prize donation thread, but think about this while I'm building it: It won't be seven months, but I do want to allow for some time for those makers who can participate. I am looking for makers who can put the raffle prize whip in their queue, and can be expected to process their other orders before the deadline. I know that some of our best makers are absolutely buried in orders, and one can't always predict how quickly those orders will leave the shop, but I do want to make sure any participants can complete their prize in time.

I would like to ask anyone interested in donating a whip to this year's raffle to think about how long it might take them to finish it, and respond to me via PM with that information. I can begin to build my deadline around those numbers, giving each person the optimum amount of time to do so. Again, please remember that this is a commitment to the community, and to the animal shelters; be sure about your numbers.


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David that's a good sound plan, I agree.  And huge thank you for organizing,
Huge thank you to Mr. Robert for handling the donations.  I can't think of a finer, more upstanding gentleman than himself. 
Well done!

On another note, I have no numbers or time limit per se, but I will keep one whip on the shelf dedicated to this project.  Whatever time you set will be fine.  Please set it according to the professionals smile

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David, I'm sure it's best to do as you suggest, and keep this 'in house' - at least for this year.

I'll keep a tally of donations - but how will this work? Will it be a question of a certain amount for a certain number of chances? I'm happy to act as 'banker', but I'd rather not organise the details.

I've mentioned to David already that although I'm not a maker, I will donate a whip from my collection as a prize.

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Each donation would need to be kept track of, by person and by amount. If it's just multiples of $5US, it's easy to do the math and figure out how many entries that person would get. Whomever gets the task of drawing names would be supplied with a list of names, and how many entries each name gets (which would be provided by you, Robert).

So, if Person A donates $10, you record the name and number of entries (two, in this case). Person B donates $20, so you write their name down and record four entries, and so on.

Each time you receive a payment, PayPal will keep a record of that transaction. Each individual transaction will be kept separate from the others, and that's all handled automatically. All you would need to do is go through the list of transactions and figure out who gave what.

Which reminds me...some of us don't have email addresses which readily identify us by name. When you donate, please remember to include your full legal name in the "message" portion of PayPal's transaction screen. It will help Robert to keep everything sorted and separated.

I am considering an incentive for a donation milestone, but I can't commit to that yet. I simply have too many things on my plate at the moment.


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Thanks, David. That seems very straightforward.

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So happy to hear this event is being continued. Thanks David for handling this. There is no way I can prepare a whip, but I would be more than happy to donate items from the Whip Nation inventory if that is ok with everybody.

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Read and standing by.

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Thank you for putting in the effort David.


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I should be able to put up the raffle prize volunteer sheet tomorrow. I've been kind of bouncing from task to task, lately.


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If no one has volunteered yet,  I could draw the names.  Last year I donated but didn't want my name in the hat.  That is what I would do this year as well.


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That can work. I think everyone knows you're trustworthy, so I can't imagine anyone would object. Thank you for volunteering!

I'm typing up the raffle prize guidelines now. It should be up either tonight or tomorrow.


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Thanks Bobbi!

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Bobbi, that will be excellent!

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