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Well - it has been a while, but this weekendd I was able to get started on my ship slip dip....

And like all things of any consequence, it starts with something very small:

And from there, a small sprout of a bolster...

For the first belly, I'll do a 6-plait which can be cut pretty simply from the base of the hide. This is a good thing since the outside of the hide is stretchy and would be trimmed anyway.

So the set is cut, and I've tapered, beveled, and split them...but that is about all I've been able to get to this weekend. Hopefully now that I am going, I'll get about an hour a day after work to put in...target to be finished by halloween.



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A start! A start! Splendid! smile


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Nice! I've been waiting for this one with much curiosity. Thanks for the progress photos smile

- Pokkis


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That is a great looking color.

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Yeah, Chris!  An exciting start!!

Inch by inch.


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Great start, Chris. I'm just waiting for Pokkis to ID the scissors.

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Hahaha, a scissor fetish, .......


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Heh - shall I keep the identity of those scissors secret? Ron, think the  color of that one is "Whiskey" I'm thinking the overlay will be 1/2 Whiskey, 1/2 Brandy...but I don't want to get ahead of myself....


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Tailor scissors of some sort? I'm really no expert and the complexity of my fetishes surpasses simple hand tools, which is probably a statement to end a discussion tongue

But Fiskars they are not. That's where my "expertise" ends.

- Pokkis


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Nice!  I have a pair of scissors like those.  I upgraded to a pair of Weiss Industrial shears.  Cuts through kangaroo like you wouldn't believe.  I can even trim around a hide without "cutting".  I just pull the leather through the scissors they're so sharp.

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

Here's wishing you find time for the things you want to do, and for the things you need to do.
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Wow, whiskey and brandy, this whip will be a good time!!!
Seriously, it's very exciting to see!

Inch by inch.


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Exciting indeed! Another build thread commencing! "Who will it be?"


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Jeff - I will check out Weiss, definitely...I am a fan of nice sharp scissors!

I like this tracking thing...will keep me honest smile

First Belly all set...


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So I finally got some time to work on this project and am happy with the results so far...

Small first belly with second set of lace; beveled, tapered, and split.

Out of that yields the second belly: 8-plait, 4ft.

You can see what the Brandy/Whiskey combo will look like together:

And the belly with some binding on near the transition and some extra grease:



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Chris, that's looking good. I like the brandy/whiskey combo very much!


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It is really beautiful, well done!!!!!!!

Inch by inch.


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That looks promising, Chris! The color combination is a very wise one. It's a classic. It has style and gives the whip a very nice overall look. I'm a bit concerned with the binding. Maybe it's only the picture, but to me it looks like it's not enough. What do you think?


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Chris those colours look superb together, I like that a lot.


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Looking good, but I do have one "concern".  You are using individual strands and tied them together at the butt end.  I would be worried about how secure they are to the handle and bellies.  Do you secure the strands at the end of the handle itself?  I use a small length of sinew to bind each layer to the handle.  Of course I cut strands out in a set joined with a yoke so the strands won't move once pulled tight.

Overall looks good.  Nice smooth taper and strands look even.

Here's wishing you find time for the things you want to do, and for the things you need to do.
We see ourselves in our children and hope for a better future.


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Thanks all - definitely a work in progress.

Robby - I'll probably go a little further out with the binding; thought I'm not sure if I will go backward to cover the handle any more than is there already. I'm still feeling out my style and position on this one, so am open to advise from experts such as yourself. The last whip I made held itself straight out nearly 4 feet before bending. Though this was before it was properly broken in and, obviously, was in the hands of a whip-cracking amateur such as myself..

Jeff - There is approximately 2-3 inches of tight plaiting before the strands meet the handle end so I can get a pretty tight pull on each while plaiting without fear of them coming loose. I assume the purchase they have on the handle end would eventually be the same/similar to that with a yoke since both the yoke and the tied-off end are eventually cut off. I will secure the layers with sinew and some staples before affixing the heel knot.

Really welcome the discussion on this - thanks guys!