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To make a long story short - I'll take it. Thank you.  wink

A very good looking whip, Erik. Congratulations to the new owner!


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Thank you so much everybody! You're all too kind.

Craig, there's only one double drop, the first one. All the rest are single drops.

It's now in the mail so hopefully it will meet it's rightful owner before Christmas! The postal-people had a long strike that ended yesterday so it'll create a small delay but I was ensured it's only a minor one.

Now we wait!


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IT's ME!!!!!!

Wahooooo! I have been so busy with the new job, and I was out all yesterday and didn't get home until about 1AM - and what was awaiting me??!?!?! This wonderful package from Finland!

Guys - seriously, this thing is gorgeous. The images posted are great, but the feel of the thing itself is really excellent.

Erik, wonderful work. I have not yet had a chance to give it a few cracks. I'll post an update when I do.

My wife thanks you for the chocolates as well! Very thoughtful.

YAY! I'm so excited!



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Fantastic news, Craig! Congratulations! Can't wait for details....

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Great to hear, Chris! Great that it's there and great that you like it!

Can't wait either to hear more details and how it handles for you : )

I'm excited!


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How exciting, very sharp looking whip Erik! I can't wait to see what you think Chris!


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Yehaw! That's GREAT Chris! Congratulations on a beautiful whip, and Erik it sure is a piece of art!

Inch by inch.


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Nice. Congratulations, Chris!

- Pokkis


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