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Swap whip commencing! I've got all I need right here:

Some pretty colors... some e-tape... the eye...


JUST KIDDING!!! I promise that none of these are going to be on the swap whip.

Seriously now, I didn't end up having more time today for build but at least I have the handle cut and core attached:

They see me binding...

I can reveal now (now that I know myself) that it's going to be a 7' bullwhip with a 12" handle with two bellies and an overlay.

I have a camera in use now so stay tuned for more build states!


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The pink, green, and eye would make a great alien whip for Halloween.

If I can't run fast, I'll make slow look impressive.
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Haha, it would be pretty cyberpunk.


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Admit it, you got these colors just for this joke wink

- Pokkis


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Well... umm.. Yeah of course! Why else would I have baby pink anyway...? Erhm...


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First belly done, bolstered and bound:



Soon for some evening training so the whip shall wait until tomorrow!


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Unfortunately (for the progress of the swap whip), I got some cord on the mail and am now doing an order of 20 key fobs for business gifts for a relative.
First things first!

I did get just started on the second belly:



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That binding looks really good. Solid and stable! I think that this will be one hell of a whip.
Whips are like men - "No guts, no good". This one has got some guts for sure. The new owner will be a lucky guy smile


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I agree with Robby wholeheartedly! Well done, Erik!

'Less is often more!'


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I don't think that's gonna be an awesome whip. I know it will be smile

- Pokkis


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Thanks a bunch!

He might not be a lucky guy, she might be a girl.... Who knows? (I know)


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Erik, that looks really, really good!!!  Very nice binding, indeed!  I hope mine (binding)looks that neat someday!

See... I'm the only one in the swap who can say I'm sending a whip to a guy without letting any secrets go, heeheehee....
Yes that'll be one lucky somebody!!

Inch by inch.


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Thank you Rachel : )

By the way, I lied and ended up finishing the second belly just now. I'll be back tomorrow with pictures and to take part of all the conversation happening in the forum!

Good night!


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So I finished the second belly last night and tonight I took the time to bolster and bind it.

I'll give it a couple of good rolls and start with the overlay soon, so I think this will be the last picture before the finished product so I won't spoil too much! Or maybe not even pictures before it reaches it's new owner hmmm...

Anyway! Here you go:



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Very smooth looking.

If I can't run fast, I'll make slow look impressive.
"By the power of ibuprofen!"


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Looks faultless to me, Erik.

Is that, by any chance, a bit of copper where the thong and what I assume is a twisted fall are joined? If it is, it might add enough weight to make the whip behave slightly differently - good for target work. I seem to recall that Tyler has added some weight at this point in a few of his whips....

'Less is often more!'


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Thank you, Graig!

Thank you Mr. Robert. That's actually just sinew in tan color. I didn't do twisted taper on this one so I wrapped the strands with sinew snapping strands and tapering it down. But yes, It's going to be more of a target whip - quite heavy and stiff long after the transition.

Full size images can be viewed from here: http://imgur.com/a/Uw61e


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Ah, yes: the larger photos make it clear: Thanks, Eric!

'Less is often more!'


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Here's the whip now:


After playing around with the unfinished whip letting it sit on the workbench for a few weeks I came to the conclusion that I've grown out of it and can do better. First of all I was not satisfied with the taper. Other concerns were about weight distribution - it became quite heavy - and my dissatisfaction of the plaiting since I experimented with a slightly lighter pull.

So since there is still plenty of time I decided I might as well take it apart and to repurpose the materials for personal experimental projects later. The only part I'll be re-using for the Swap Whip is the steel rod. The plan will be the same: a 7 foot bullwhip with a 12 inch handle with two plaited bellies.

I will of course post pictures of the new one, so you'll get two build threads in one! I have a couple of pending projects to finish and am waiting for a sinew delivery but I'll get right back to it A.S.A.P. as possible (as my friend would say) so please be patient : )


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Rather exciting, Erik. We watch with interest!  smile

'Less is often more!'