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Rachel McCollough wrote:

Somewhere between a cow whip and a bull whip?

I'm just so dead tired that I can't help myself, so... A bull with one testicle? You know, between a cow and... OMG JUST KILL ME NOW big_smile

Hm. Now that I got it out of my system, I just gotta say this looks like one seriously impressive handle. You did that without a lathe using just a rasp and sandpaper like usual? Very cool. And light towards the tip sounds like a fun whip to me. Mass carried further down the thong makes more of a working whip. The colours look good too, I hope your husband doesn't get too jealous over the fact that you just made some guy really happy smile

Great work!

- Pokkis


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I think its pretty.  I love the colors, especially with that handle.  Maybe you should start thinking about a logo smile

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Some where between a cow whip and a bull whip would be a steer whip.

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Rachel, that's really nice!!! smile

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oh those images are just gorgeous - really excellent work Rachel!


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Stellar workmanship


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Pokkis we will keep you around for at least entertainment value!!!  Yeah, I'd have to agree with Ron, it'd make it a steer!
Yessir no lathe.  No, I don't think my husband will be jealous about that at all.
Thank you very much!

Jessie I thank you, it means a lot smile

Mr. Robert, Chris, thank you!

Thank you very much, Taylor, I really appreciate it very much!

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The transition area looks a bit stiffer, rather like a bull-whip, The colours work really well together.
The all handmade handle is impressive Rachel. A lot of elbow grease and hard work.
Beautiful work.


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Rachel that's a really beautiful whip right there! Waiting impatiently smile))


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And Pokkis...


*bitch slap*


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Rachel you are accelerating fast in the whip making and it shows with this latest piece. Can't wait for the new owner to post a review on it.

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So is it a bow whip or a cull whip?  Either way it looks great.

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Thank you, Fritz!
Craig!  I hope it's not a cull big_smile. That's funny!

Thank you, Erik, I will hope  AHEM-WHOEVER- gets it will like it... big_smile

Roy thank you I also am awaiting that review with lots of anticipation

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Well well!

The mail had an early Christmas present for me and this one makes me a very happy man smile)))
In case you haven't guessed it I got the Swap Whip of Whip Swap 2015 from Rachel McCollough!

I already knew this about a week back already but we had to deal with the customs first so I waited before I actually got it in my hands to let everyone else know.

I'm in a bit of a rush this morning so I'll let you know all about how I like it and how it feels and also of the customs on a later post as soon as I have the time but in no more than a couple of days!

Thank you Rachel and thank you everyone for making The Whip Swap happen!!!


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That's terrific, Erik! Congratulations!  smile

'Less is often more!'


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Whew I'm glad it's in your hands!

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Your whips just get better and better Rachel, very nice!


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Congratulations! Time for some crackin'!


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Alright! Where to begin...

First of all I was a very happy man from the moment on when I saw her name as sender on the customs paper (I'll tell all about the customs hassle on the respective thread by Pokkis).

So when I finally got it in my hands I was excited like a child, really just like Christmas came early (and I'm not just being nice). I was driving home from the post office (after tearing open the box in the car) and I was so excited I didn't even notice I had the radio on the religious channel singing halleluja : D

The first thing that popped out was that it was a lot bigger than it seemed in the pictures and the beautiful cherry handle also! It was a positive surprise and I found the whole whip convincing and right to my taste indeed, Rachel I've been told by others that you really nailed the colors to look like "my colors".

The plaiting, the seams - very professional I'd say. It has an even taper and no visible drop points, gaps or bumps I would notice.

It handles very well for my taste; it's nice and light for it's size but has a good front heavy feel to it. It can give a light snap and a loud bang; I think it's very responsive. At first I was wondering about the short tassel on the cracker but it cracks great regardless of my beliefs.

In conclusion - I honestly don't have anything negative to say about it. It's my first cow whip and the light binding will need some getting used to. I'd like to add that it had a real nice feel "straight out of the box" and I didn't get the feeling for the need for some extensive breaking in.

I really like it and I will be using it and having a place for it on the wall!

I'd love to film myself using it but the next few days will be the most important ones on the Christmas market and we're not out of there until 7PM and it's dark outside before 4PM! I'll find the time at some point anyway but It won't until later in the year or beginning of January at the latest.

Absolutely love it! Thank you Rachel and thank you Pokkis for arranging The Swap and you're welcome to try this one out also and I'd love to check out Graig's whips too so I'd be happy to have A Whip Swap Swap-out!

Over and out!


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Grant, Chris, Thanks smile

Erik, I'm really REALLY pleased you like the whip, colors and all!  You have a high level of craftsmanship as an artisan so I respect your opinion on it a great deal.  The cracker with a longer tassel in Dyneema seems to tangle worse and at Roy's recommendation (Thank you, Roy) I trim them to not more than 1".  You still get the sound, but less frizz to hang up. 
   I can't tell you enough how glad I am you are pleased with it.

Inch by inch.