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I'm pretty sure that Roy doesn't want to have this, here. But I think it's very important for everyone to know. Roy had the idea to send me a few dollars of every whip he's selling. It was his idea and he came to me with it. I was surprised about that but happy. Today I put the money, Roy sent me, together and donated 60.00 Euro (Euro - not Dollar!). As soon as I have the donation request, I'll post it here for everyone to see.

With his donations, Roy is helping a beautiful and friendly lady. Her name is Lena. And she looks like this:


She suffers from big kidney problems and she needs to have a special kind of food. Expensive food. And thanks to Roy, she'll be safe for a few more weeks. What I want to say is this: We'll have the lottery, sure. But everyone - every single one of you - can help. It's not about to donate a lot of money at once. If you manage to save a few bucks from a sale every now and then, you'll be able to donate a bit.

Roy didn't make a big story out of it. In fact he did it in silence. Unnoticed. So it's on me to shout it out. A lot of people talk. Roy did it.


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A fine example from a fine gentleman! And Lena is certainly worth helping!  smile

Thanks for 'shouting' about this, Robby!

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The greatest explanation of why Roy's actions were just and noble can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l60RW02e1g

You do what's right because it's right, not because you think you'll gain something from it. That kind of attitude is rare to find in this world.


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That is heartwarming Robby, and Roy's actions show the best of intentions, through doing it in silence he did what is right without expecting personal gains from his actions.


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Now that's integrity; doing the right thing, even when you think no one's looking. wink
Robby, do you use PayPal for accepting donations?


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Sometimes the smallest pebbles in the pong make the biggest ripples. This is a great thing Roy has done. Thank you Robby for caring enough about our 4 legged friends to devote so much time and energy to help them. Highly respectable.


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I was wondering if everyone missed this - important! - thread. Roy did such a great thing and people should know. Well, my idea on that.

Ryan - yes, sure. That will be the way the tickets for the lottery will be paid. If you like to donate, I'd say wait until the lottery starts. Then we'll have all the money at once. Thanks for asking!


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I do not know how but I did not see this. 

Very cool and kind thing to do!


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Robby, THANK YOU for sending the e-mail about this thread.  I totally missed it.

I know EXACTLY how hard it can be to take care of pups with special needs.  I've mentioned in here before about my German Shepherd with IBS and the years long (and bank account draining) journey I've gone through to help him.  Like his pup, my dog's food is not cheap -- but it *is* worth every single penny when I see him at a healthy weight and full of energy.

I don't do a lot of whips to order -- I'm only just starting to dip my toes into selling my stuff.  But I'm actually building one right now for a client, and I would love to donate a few bucks from the sale to this cause.


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That should be:  "Like *this* pup..." up there.  Silly typos.


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I didn't miss this, but also didn't think of anything to say at first and just went "I'll get back to it later" tongue

I heard of this arrangement before, and it's really cool. I can understand why Roy's not advertising it because that's hardly the point. The real point is pictured in the first post smile

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I hope the generous actions of Roy will help many who can't help themselves. Fine job Roy.


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Way to go Roy. smile

(Y'all will have to pardon me... I'm getting only a little plaiting done each day and spending the rest doing things on and for my late grandfather's estate.)


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Way to go Roy!

It's great to know there are many kind hearted souls here willing to help where they can with our four legged friends.  My family has 2 shelter dogs that although I don't always show it are part of the family and would be sorely missed.  It also seems we have been adopted by the neighborhood stray cat.  She never comes in the house, but is always there at feeding time.  She also likes to jump upon my car's hood whenever I pull in.  I guess it is warmer there.

I'm hoping I will be able to participate in the lottery when it comes time with either a few tickets or a whip to donate.

Here's wishing you find time for the things you want to do, and for the things you need to do.
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This was an unexpected announcement but I thank you all kindly. I appreciate Robby for giving me this opportunity to help. Lena is one adorable pup.

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That's genuine kindness right there. You're a good man Roy.


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I totally missed this too! (thanks Robby!)
  That's really cool of you Roy! smile I hope Lena improves! sad


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Love is the greatest force on earth and Roy find a way to show, how much love he has inside. Roy you are a real gentleman and Lena will love you.


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I did see this, and think it is awesome!

I am sorry I didn't comment but was just doing a quick check in to keep up to date while I am at the conference.

Thank you Robby and Roy! not enough people in the world care anymore. One Starfish at a time!


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(Thanks for messaging me about this, Robby)

Roy, we have two dogs and six cats so from an animal loving house please accept our plaudits too. Human partnerships with many different breeds and species of animal go back thousands of years and to ignore animals that need our help, well, I wouldn't know what to say to those who did...

I'm in the lottery (both a whip and tickets) and hope we can raise a decent amount.

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