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...we're going into the next round of our dog shelter campaign. My first donation campaign was done all by myself. I sold all my whips to make some money for a dog shelter here in Germany, called Deutsche Boxer Nothilfe. It was a success, I think. These are a few samples of lives which were saved saved by my whip collection...






And so I started the first "official" Whip Basics Donation Campaign. It brought some money, but not nearly as much as I made by myself, selling all my whips. And in 2015 we're starting a new campaign.

Perhaps we'll be able to do a raffle, if one or two whip makers will donate a whip for the good cause. The money will be sent to my PayPal account. We'll have a list here, who donated. And to make sure that nobody will say in the end: "Uh, he took the money for himself!" - the donation receipt will be posted here in the forum, for everybody to see. And - if someone likes to do that - he can write or call the shelter, if the money arrived or if that donation receipt is a fake...

At the moment there's nothing to do. Except two things... Whip makers can post here if they're willing to donate a whip. But - please - don't do it and tell me later on in a PM that you're too busy to fulfill that pledge. If you say that you're willing to donate a whip for the good cause, I will take you by your word!

We worked out a system, which works like that: Everybody can buy a lottery ticket for 5.00 US Dollars. That means, his name will be thrown into the pot once. If someone decides to buy 10 tickets for 50.00 US Dollars, his name will be on 10 notes. The more you buy/donate, the higher your chances will be to win a whip! And even if you don't win a whip - you're helping. And the good feeling to save a few doggies is worth more than a whip, right?

Talking about "not winning". I will take part in the lottery and buy 10 tickets. But my name will be NOT in the lottery. If I would win a whip, it would look fishy in some way. So I'm going to donate, but my name won't be in there.

So - please think about it and if you like, share your thoughts with me. With us. But - once again. If you decide to donate a whip, there's no way to step back. It's not for me. And it's not for the other members, here. It's for the doggies. Therefore I allow myself to be that restrictive. I hope you can understand that and support me.

Thanks in advance,


These are the great folks who will donate whips:

Einar Stephenson
Chris Holtz
Devin Bauer
Roger Tuson
Tyler Blake
Jared Routon
Antti "Pokkis" Mäkinen
Guy Washburn


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I love the lottery ticket idea, Robby.

I know that for some people finances are tight and the word "donate" can be daunting, because the word itself is vague so people sometimes imagine a larger dollar amount than they can afford.

The ticket idea really breaks it down.  Even is someone is strapped hard for money, the cost of one ticket isn't much (a fancy coffee, really), and still helps.


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Robby, this is a splendid idea - and I think you've thought it through very well, and organised it so that no one can criticise you. I shall certainly buy some tickets! And, as Robert Wurth says, the cost of one ticket isn't much, so most members of the forum should be able to participate.

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I would love to donate a whip!  What is the time frame?  I don't know how a whip from a unknown maker such as my self, monetary wise,  but I believe in the cause and would love to be a part. 

All I need is maybe a month or two before the shipping day to get a whip built.  And is it my choice on style, length, etc?


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Good on you for the offer Mr Topher. This is a great thing to help Robby with. I would certainly buy up some tickets.

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Well, Dogs are very important to me.  My Daisy dog is my first born:-)  And I consider her human!


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I will donate a whip to help the cause. Robby Let me know how to proceed.


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Sounds good. I'll buy some tickets.


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Nice. I'll be participating with whatever I have. Donating a whip sounds tempting too, but I'm still not sure about my timetables for the next months.

- Pokkis


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Einar! That's great! Thank you for doing this. I know how busy you are and so it's even better! Topher - thanks to you, too! I more than appreciate your help!

And how to proceed...? Well. I thought, we're going to do the whole raffle/lottery thing next year in july. That means that there are (including this year december) eight (8) month of time to create the whips. After the drawing the whips will be sent directly from the respective whip maker to the winners.

BUT the winner will take care of the shipping costs, then! It would be a little bit too much to expect that the whip makers give away a piece of art, that costs a lot of time and passion and pay for the shipping.

Thanks for your feedback. And I really hope that there will be more posts on that!


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Yes count me in.
I'm definitely up for this.
$5 = €4 = £3 roughly.
So for the price of a Coffee or a Beer you're making a little tail wag with joy and little life live longer.

Dogs mean more to me than most people, so I'll be buying a few tickets, .... not to mention that I'll be in for a chance of winning a whip.

It's win win.

Thanks for organising this Robert


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Thank you for the Thanks, Fritz smile But - serious - It's nothing. All I do, is to post some messages, that's it. If I write about whips, the weather or my garden - it takes all the same amount of time. The real heroes here are the whip makers who donate their work and the folks who're going to buy a ticket. But definately not me.

And there's someone who is working behind the curtain. Roy Partin. He already sent me some money as donation from the whips, he's actually making. I'll wait until I have a few bucks together and I'll send it in one "package". And - of course - I'll post the donation receipt, here.


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Next July you say? My offer still stands then, count me in for a whip donation. I'll try to buy a few tickets as well, but ask that my name be withheld from the raffle.

Good call on the shipping, I had wondered how that part would be handled.

Funny you should say that Fritz, I often feel quite the same way.


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Robby, can I send you the money now while I am thinking about it?  Or should I wait till it gets closer?


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This is a great idea! I will jump on this train, too.
If there a lot of people just buy a few tickets, in the result it would be a big help for this animals.


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Robby, Do you want a picture of the whips up for raffle?  If so, when?


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Yes or no, Topher. Of course it would be nice to have a picture, but I can't ask for such a thing. If you - and/or the others are willing to post pictures, it would be great! Perhaps we can sell more tickets that way smile

By the way - one more thing... If there is somebody who think it is not okay that I take care of the money, please tell it! I don't want to have the slightest idea of a shadow on that donation campaign. If some folks do not agree with me taking care of the money, we can choose another person - no problem!


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I think it's great that you have taken the initiative to take care of that side of things, and couldn't think of a better person to do so. I've got no problems with this whatsoever.


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It doesn't worry me, you (Robby) handling the money I mean. 

I plan on making this whip sooner rather than later anyway, so I will post some progress updates as I go along.


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I'll have to ask my mate if she wants to weigh in and buy a ticket or two. I think she probably will, given how much she loves animals.