Re: Devin Bauer

your passion is outstanding, Sir!

I am so used to see wood floating that surprised me to know so many type of Woods can actually sink in the water...thank you for the infos wink



Re: Devin Bauer

Hi Devin,
I'm very happy to see here your great and beautiful works !!!!
Congratulations on your own gallery.  I look forward to seeing all your beautiful whips!

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Thanks Enoch and Gio!


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Really nice wood work and the plaiting looks very clean!  I especially love the one you did for the whip exchange.


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Eureka! I've just received my 'Amper Special' from Devin Bauer.   smile 

It's far too wet outside to do much with it today (too wet for me, not the whip!), but I wanted to post this straight away. Desert Ironwood handle, 6.5 foot rust thong. First impression: the weight distribution is as near perfect as can be (at least for me). I'll post more when I get to know it better....


Thanks, Devin!!!

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Great whip!!! Congrats Robert and Devin!!!

"Perfection has to be sought never reached. This is the only way to inspire and motivate creativity".               www.giovanniceleste.it


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Robert is a lucky guy. I highly recommended this whip to him and as far as I know, he's over the moon with it. Which I completely understand...  smile


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You're welcome Robert, I look forward to your thoughts after getting acquainted with it.


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I have finally gotten back to some whipmaking, and my latest progress is for a Cup-style Bullwhip.

12" Honey Mesquite handle with a Quarter in the heel, Eagle side per request.







Re: Devin Bauer

Very nice indeed! Your handles are extraordinarily elegant, Devin! I imagine that making them gives you a lot of pleasure.

'Less is often more!'


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Devin, you make so beautiful wooden handles, I like your work, great job. wink  wink

Best wishes,



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Beautiful, Devin!  Now you've done it with the quarter!  I bet you have to do all 50 states before its over.


Re: Devin Bauer

Thanks guys!

Robert, turning is the funnest part short of actually cracking them.

Thank you Mario, and you do excellent photography.

Bobbi, it was requested, but it would be technically possible to do all 50 states in whips, the only trouble being finding the right quarters.


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Beautiful work as usual Devin on the whip and handle. I'm really liking the rustic look of the mesquite.

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Beautiful work Devin.  I like the color of the Honey Mesquite.  What color are you going to make the Thong?


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Great work Devin!!!! Now it's time to see the thong!!! :-)

"Perfection has to be sought never reached. This is the only way to inspire and motivate creativity".               www.giovanniceleste.it


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Thanks guys!
It does a rustic character doesn't it?

Jared, the colors will be chocolate brown with a pair of dark brown.


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Wow, that's gonna look great on the finished whip. Clean and simple.

- Pokkis


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We all can't wait to  see it. It sounds like it's going to be very beautiful.


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Lovely work. The detail you went into regarding the finishing of the handle was fascinating. A bit more than 'gave it a bit of rub down with sandpaper and slapped on a coat of varnish', eh? big_smile

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