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It's true, one knot is not perfect for everything. I was using the last knot shown on one whip with a long bailing twine (polyester) cracker attached to a stiffer fall.
It was great for the other whips I tried it on, but for that combination, it came off a couple of times. On that one I switched to the second knot that Robby shows (The photos on the orange carpet) and it is holding perfectly.
I didn't really pay attention to whether the flow was smoother with the other knot though.


Re: Too much muscle

Robby: I have tried your "Orange knot " on both a leather and a paracord fall. They are both working great. I used bale twine , single strand, tied on with your knot. Makes a nice small knot and cracker and fall connection are nicely in line. I am sold!!


Re: Too much muscle

I am happy to help! These knots are not so common - I don't know why... - but they're pretty good. And if they work for the members, here in the forum, mission accomplished  smile


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That's cool some of these variants I haven't seen thanks Robby!!