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Hello all,
I have set up a Pay-Pal account to receive donations. Donations should be made to:

This is not my strong suite but it works like this:

-    Go to pay-pal at: https://www.paypal.com
-    Click the "Send" link in the top menu
-    Enter whipbasics.campaign@yahoo.com in the field for "Their email or phone number"
-    Enter the amount you wish to donate
-    Click continue
-    Choose Friends or Family.
    (Do NOT choose "Goods or Services". That would mean some of your donation would go to a transaction fee, I would have to pay taxes on it or justify not paying taxes, and generally complicate my life.)

Pay-Pal will send notifications of funds sent directly to the whipbasics.campaign@yahoo.com address. Robby and I both have access to that account and will check there that the funds have been received.

EDIT: Please post your donations to this compaign in this forum. If you would rather not post, that is fine, but I think it helps the campaign for others to know what you have done.

Note: Pay-pal, it seems, takes a fee out for international payments even if it entered as Friends or Family, so the donation we receive may be 2.9% less than you actually send.
(And, just to help make my life hell, it seems that they also record this as a payment for goods or services.)
There is also a time delay between recieving donations and being able to get them back out, therefore there will be some delay (1 week is expected) between closing the donation campaign and sending the money to a shelter.


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Thanks, Jonathan, for everything you do here! Just one thing… Please change the password on that account and don't tell me. I think - I hope - that no one here doubts my integrity, but if I don't have access to that account, there is no room for doubt, anyway.


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Re: How to Donate

Just to clarify,
Robby only has access to the email account to which donations are reported. He does not have access to the Pay-Pal account itself, where the money is kept.
That account is under my name only.
This way, I (and pay-pal itself) am the only one who can do anything wrong, but Robby can get a report of it if I do.