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That long, black cow whip is by far my favorite one on this thread so far. It looks so... sinister. In a good way, of course. No flashy colors, just a black suit like a mafia hitman. "You make mistake, I kill!" smile

- Pokkis

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Ha ha!  wink

That one has always been on of my favorites Pokkis. I like doing the wild and crazy colored stuff, but I'm one of those guys who thinks that, sometimes, "less is more."


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Here's an 8ft bullwhip for those who like less flashy colored whips.


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Whips are looking great!
Keep it up.



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Hi Rhett,
you make so beautiful whips, my favourites are the whips with the coral snake pattern, they look so great. wink



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That's realy cool bringing in the neon orange in the point of the Coral
Snake whip fine job.


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Thanks Einar. The actual snake had that same feature, so I was trying to  copy it as much as possible. smile


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Hey Rhett you do beautiful work. So how many whips do you think you have churned out since you went full time? At least two or three I'm sure...LOL.


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LOL. Thanks. As to how many since going full time? I really don't know Jared.

My goal is to make 5-6 per week, if possible. How many I actually make varies from week to week depending on the complexity of the orders, my motivation level, and how many of the 1000's of distractions that come my way everyday. 

Last week I made 6. This week I made 4. The difference was the types of whips, some take more time than others of course.

Just scanning my order book, it looks like more difficult whips on the horizon for the next couple of weeks. Then, after that I'll hit some easier stuff and hopefully be able to exceed 6 per week.

The prolific whipmaker Krist King once told me in an email that he makes around a dozen per week, but I just can't do it. My hands would fall off.

(Btw, for those who want to keep up with my daily shenanigans, I have a Facebook page I update often with pics of finished stuff and works in progress.)


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It is amazing how perfect all your whips turn out…

Keep up the great work….



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These are all great.  I reckon my favorite is the Coral snake bullwhip in the matched set.  it's great the way the dark handle pops out the colors.

Yaprimascharif, Yahasanna Hadisany, elafinas tabachu, Dari chalemy elasin!


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All of these whips look fantastic. I really like the one resembling a blue coral snake, the orange point is a new twist on custom made whips.


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these are all fantastic looking. I really like that short-handled 16 plait bullwhip. - or is it a longer handle with the transition knot placed lower? - either way, it looks really great.


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Thanks everyone. smile

Jonathan, the handle is actually a standard 8", but that knot/ferrule combo makes it look much shorter.


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Well Rhett, you do beautiful work.  Please continue to post you latest and greatest.  Love to see all the different designs you come up with.


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Thanks Jared.

This week, with the help of my wife in the area of concept design, I was able to make what is my most favorite whip I've ever made. I'll be posting pics of it as soon as I can before I ship it out. Stay tuned. smile

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The whip I really want to post right now isn't quite ready to be photographed yet, but this is another one of those crazy 16 plait, 2 bellied, 20ft cow whips I built some time ago for someone in the Arctic Circle in Canada.

Like many of the others this size, it earned it's own nickname by the time I was finished.

This one is forever known as "The Baffin Island Beast." 



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20 foot!  You are a rock star, Rhett!


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Did you say 20 foot…? Who cracks a 20 footer? My limit is usual 10 - 12 feet. But 20 seems to be a little bit over the top. Or was it made for show purposes?

Anyway - thanks for posting!


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Yep. 20ft!

Some buy them just for show, for "wow effect," this guy was a dog sledder. Didn't indicate to me he was in show business at all; seems like he said he was going to be using it while sledding. I've made some 17ft whips for sledders up there too. LOL