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I love the plaiting on the handle ,the picture is beautiful. I'm quite jealous because like Carl and Devin, we still have snow here .
My son is wanting one of your show whips ever since he saw Robby's review of it .You'll be getting an order from us soon smile


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Wow just looked over the site and the review and just can say Wow. hope that I get up to even close to what she can do..  Just Keep making more and more


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Thanks John.  smile

Josee, I would love to make him a whip sometime.

I just finished up this whip today and I LOVE it so much.  I really need a longer whip for my self.
This is 8 foot, 16 plait, 12 inch handle with a heavy fall.



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Very nice love the colors and the ring knot accent is really cool.

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An 8'er will be fun to crack!
Your plaiting is so accurate.


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I love that whip too tongue
Great work Bobbi !!!



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That is a fine whip!


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That's a very fine 8-footer, Bobbi. Your work amazes me.

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Looks good Bobbi, the colors do well together. I particularly like the blue interweave in the pineapple knot.


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That is really pretty work. The large and small squares look great together.
It looka from the transition knot like it's made with the Tibetan Wave system on mind. If so, I'd be curious to see it in action. It must look really cool if someone can handle such a long who on that way.


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Devin was faster than me with the compliment on the interweaved blue "wave" in the transition knot. I inspected that picture very closely. What amazes me, is the fact, that over that long distance nor the blue either the black "roll" around the thong. Both have their lines down to the fall hitch. Precise and continuously. One more reason why I invited you into the Masters Gallery.


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Thank you very much for all the compliments!  smile  I appreciate you guys so much.  I do like the look of just one line of different color in the knots.  Sometimes when I have a lot going on in the knot, it just gets lost in the pattern of the whip.

Jonathan, I'm really impressed that you could see that it is the same transition knot as the TW whips.  That is where the similarities end though.  This one is a SA setup.  I did try one long TW a while back and it was a miserable failure because that slow taper caused a flare in the end.


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~Show off...'nuff said...~



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Wow, great whip, I love the pattern and color combination  tongue  tongue , you make a fantastic job, Bobbi. wink  wink

Best wishes,


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Man, so elegant. I love it!


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Dang Bobbi, that looks about as perfect as can be. I like it, you certainly have a gift

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Awesome Bobbi!  There's not really much else to say smile   How are you weighting the falls these days?

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Oh my goodness!  I just love you guys so much!  Thank you for all the comments.

I do my best on every whip but every so often there is one that, for what ever reason, is better than the others.  As soon as I cracked this one I was in love.   Sadly, the man who ordered it came to pick it up yesterday.  I was thinking in my head "he doesn't even know what he has and will promptly go abuse the heck out of this whip".

Tyler,  I'm still going with your idea on the lead line.   (thanks for that!!) This one has 4 lead strands and 6 strands of paracord guts as well as being waxed.  Its 3 foot long and weighs 3/4oz. when un-waxed.  So, it is in the medium range of my heavy falls.


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The pictures I see of the Victoria's Secret models in my wife's catalogs, she says they airbrush them to look that good. Just wondering if you airbrushed that whip pic to look that amazing? If I knew anything about computers I would have to use photoshop to get mine lookin that purty.

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It is a very good lookin whip there Bobbi. That transition knot does peek my interest.