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Beautifull finish on the vege tanned whip Einar.
Keep up the great work.



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Thank You bobbi and Chris for the compliments I am grateful.


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The performer series whip looks like a lot of fun to crack. A fiberglass handle that long probably has a good deal of flex to it, can you feel it while cracking?

- Pokkis


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The handle thickness I use allows only a slight bit of flex barley perceptible in my opinion. But it lightens the overall waight of the whip and is impervious to the elements.


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I know there have been plenty of comments about the heel knot but I like it. What was your method for building it up to that shape?



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I use skived leather strips to build the shape I want.

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This whip is 8 feet long in 16 plait it was made for a customer who wanted a coral snake color pattern. Its my take on the coral snake and the customer was satisfied and that's all that matters.

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This whip although quite plane, is 10 feet in length with a 16 plait overlay in chocolate brown. it went to a missionary to the Masai people in Africa. He wanted something tough that would ware well in the rough environment.


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I am a fan.
Very neat plaiting and knots….



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Thank you Chris.


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I think its cool that you had a missions order like that. I had one circa several years ago that ended up in the hands of some missionaries in Sudan. That was a special build for me.


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I totaly understand Rhett the Masei whip was a very special build for me as well.


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Wow! Very nice whips! I linke your Whips smile


Mistakes are just decoration wink


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Thank You Ralph for the kind words.


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Here are three whips that I recently sent out to an international customer, he wanted the patterns to match a whip I had made for another customer quite some time ago that he had seen on my website. The whip lengths are 4, 6, and 8 feet. They are all too plaited bellies with 16 Plait overlays in neon orange and black. It was quite time-consuming matching the patterns on all three whips to what the customer had seen previously. But I think they turned out pretty well after all.


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Oh man, I bet that was time consuming!! Very sharp. smile


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Thank you sir mush appreciated.


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Man Einar! These are some awesome whips. I especially like the three matched whips. They are really nice. I bet they'd glow like the sun under black light.


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I think they probably would, thanks for the comments.


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Very good work, Einar. More - impressive! I think, the missionary has a tool, that'll serve him for lifetime. And the other ones... Art. The art of braiding!


I have a screwdriver. I am Legend...