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Very nice whips Tyler! Thank you for sharing smile


Mistakes are just decoration wink


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Love the fancy plaiting with the all black thong.


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Hi Tyler,
what a beautiful whip!!! very elegants!!!
the elegant nuances of the braid remind me of an elegant evening dress for men
Clap clap clap :-)

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Sorry everyone, I've been a bit swamped lately and didn't see all of these kind replies till now.  Thanks to Einar, Bobbi, Jared,Fritz, Ralph, Jonathan, Alex, and Gio..Good thing I'm typing and not speaking or I'd be out of breath now smile   For all who commented on the color, I've decided to to use that as my new red- it's the "crimson" color from http://www.parachute-cord.com and I'll from now on use instead of the old red, which they called..."red."

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I'll let you all in a secret. Tyler is actually making and selling whips in order to make enough money for a replacement flux capacitor, he needs one to get back to the future.

This stuff does not just rock, it punk rocks. I lack the amount of thumbs to put up!

- Pokkis


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Not sure what Pokkis just said, but I'll go along with it! wink


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Thanks to Pokkis and Caleb!  Pokkis, I may have to adopt that- "Exowhips- We Punk Rock!" I'd have to do one with a Misfits "Crimson Ghost" concho...Hmmm...Caleb, with the Flux Capacitor bit he was referencing the "Back to the Future" trilogy, which I supose is a little before your "time", youngster!   smile   Here is the latest, bound for England- an eight foot long Night Train Variant, in that it's not all black:




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Fabulous whip, Tyler. I am deeply envious of whoever is getting this one!

'Less is often more!'


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Ah, that explains it! smile Clean looking work as always!


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Good looking whip, my friend. Like Caleb said...as always!


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Beautiful!  I'm going to need one of those one day.


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Another beauty....


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Cool... As expected smile

The shorter handle makes the whip look really beefy in those photos. Or maybe that combined with the handle shape and the high plait count you get with dacron.

- Pokkis


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Beautifully done very cool.


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Thank you Robert, Caleb, Robby, Bobbi,Jonathan, Pokkis, and Einar smile  Caleb, have you really never seen "Back to the Future"?  Man, that makes me feel old...  Pokkis, it's all of the above...THe fellow who ordered this said he's rather tall, muscular and with large hands and he wanted a beefy, robust whip.

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OK, and here's a special whip that I made for our own Robby Amper- it's a 7 foot bullwhip with an 11 inch handle and lots of decorative features:


This whip was part of a longtime effort to get REALLY, REALLY close to kangaroo hide with the feel.  This is the best yet, I feel so I'm glad it's Robby's  smile   I used a heavier core than usual, two dacron bellies and one flat braid belly, and the overlay is 20 plait.  Right at the transition is an aged brass collar:


I aged the brass myself with a product known as....drumroll please...Brass Ager!  It works great, I had fun with that.  More on the brass aging shortly, though-  it has three different kind's of bird's eye pattern on the handle- Thanks to Jonathan for the guidance on figuring those out.  Also, a beaded copper collar right above the Heel knot:



And finally, a concho/ buttplate, in aged brass with an inscription.  I used a chemical mask process for the inscription (which reads: "For my friend, Robby  Tyler Blake, 2014") because I leaned something important- while I give myself credit as an artist and especially a pencilist, I suck at engraving tongue   The test run for the engraving looked horrible, so I used a mask instead before aging the brass:




I hope you enjoy it Robby!  Thanks to Mario for the excellent photography!

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I like it alot!


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So Beautiful!!  I love all the details.  Great job!


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Tyler, that just looks great. I've got nothing else to say about it. Just great.