31 smoothness and fall length.

by Jonathan Lewis

32 Improvement though abstinance

by Robert Wurth

33 Whip Practice… NYC Style

by Ben Rezendes

34 Whips, weapons, and history.

by Jonathan Lewis

35 "Brandishing live steel"

by Alex Lewis

36 12 ft cow whip test crack

by Roy Partin

38 Contacted the local police, re: whipcracking

by Antti The Pokkis Mäkinen

40 Congressional Whip Cracking

by Rhett Kelley

41 Two 'firsts' in one!

by Sir Roger Tuson

42 It's just fun.

by Michael Green

43 Hungarian Championship

by quattro

44 Nylon or Leather for Beginners

by Asher Bryant

47 Working on cracking

by Jonathan Lewis

48 Target whip Stuff

by John M. Jackson-Tree

50 Not panicking yet but ...

by Brian D Steel

51 One hand versus the other

by Robert Wurth

53 Messing around with Whip Basics

by Jonathan Lewis

55 Cracker

by AAAlexander

60 Whip tutorial DVDs

by Robby Amper