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The WB Ring of Trust

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A new idea. And a whole new project! (Public)

The WB Ring of Trust is a group of whip makers with integrity. Their goal is to create transparency, reliability, and the best customer service available. A big, new project. With great whip makers. Just see for yourself...
2 89 20.08.2014 13:12:57 by Tyler Blake


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If you like to REGISTER... Read this first! (Public)

Just read these simple instructions. And follow them. This is no rocket science. If you're not able to check these infos, here... You shouldn't register. Really... :o)
1 1 14.08.2011 09:38:55 by Robby Amper

Wenn ihr euch REGISTRIEREN wollt... (Public)

...lest das hier. Das wird die Sache sehr vereinfachen.
1 1 29.12.2011 14:26:35 by Robby Amper

Whip Basics - The DVD Samples

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Whip Basics - DVD Samples & Trailers (Public)

Samples from the WB Tutorial DVDs.
2 2 01.05.2014 11:04:23 by Robby Amper

Whip Basics - The Video Reviews

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Whip Basics - The Video Reviews (Public)

Here you can find some of the WB Video Reviews on the different Whip Makers Art. Everything produced on a professional scale. No cell phone cams, here...
1 5 28.06.2014 14:10:30 by Robby Amper

Whip Basics - The Video Tutorials

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Tutorial Videos (Public)

Here are some other WB Videos. Not the usual thing. Some new techniques, new ways and things to think about.
1 1 16.01.2014 20:11:33 by Robby Amper

Whip Basics - The Masters Gallery

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Masterpieces & Craftsmen (Public)

This gallery is for the whip makers. Here they present what they're proud of. Real Craftsmen. This is an exclusive gallery. The members are invited to join. This is not an "open for everybody" thread. This - is for the Masters of the Craft.
8 773 17.08.2014 23:07:47 by Carl Feairs

Charity Auctions for Animal Shelters

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Whip Auctions for a Dog Shelter (Public)

I started a charity auction for a dog shelter. Here you find the details.
1 58 26.01.2014 00:18:59 by Terry Shaw

Whip Basics - Our Ongoing Donation Campaign

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Animal Shelters (Public)

They need your help, folks...! In 2014 we donated over 500.00 US Dollars to animal shelters. In 2015 we'll have the next campaign. And a raffle...!
8 187 22.05.2014 19:16:02 by Robert Gage

Why Should I Buy This Whip...?

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Ask! But ask the right questions! (Public)

Advice on what to ask before you spend your hard earned money, folks...
1 29 01.07.2014 12:17:13 by Robby Amper

+++ WARNING +++

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Strange things happen, here! (Public)

This is exactly what it says: This thread will contain warnings! I just hope that it'll stay empty...
2 10 19.03.2014 02:33:07 by David Cross

Whip Basics - The Forum

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Off Topic (public)

This area is about everything you want to talk. This is not about whips - it's about your thoughts, your ideas and every personal thing you want to write. Just don't forget that everybody can read in this thread. Even guests. This thread is completey open.
11 139 Today 21:10:57 by David Cross

Target Stands (Public)

You can hit other persons onto their hands, until there's no one left who's holding you anything, or - you build a target stand. Great idea, by the way.
15 164 03.07.2014 10:48:16 by Robby Amper


The new Whip Basics DVD production. The Teachers Edition.
3 49 Today 21:22:31 by David Cross

Whip Basics in the GEAR magazine (Public)

The GEAR magazine is for all outdoors and adventurer stuff. This time about whips.
1 22 02.01.2013 18:17:20 by Robby Amper

Knock on Wood (public)

This thread is all about wood. Wooden handles, exotic woods, how to work with wood. All about wood...
3 24 31.07.2014 20:52:04 by Devin Bauer

Der Deutsche Bereich - The german area

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Die Whip Basics DVDs

Infos, Kommentare & Fragen rund um die DVD Tutorial Serie "Whip Basics - A Beginners Guide"
6 47 10.06.2012 10:16:56 by Robby Amper

Whip Basics im Magazin "GEAR"

Das Lifestyle & Outdoormagazin GEAR bringt was zum Thema Peitschen. Solltet ihr euch vielleicht mal ansehen...
1 10 06.12.2011 16:44:19 by Robby Amper

Was ist eigentlich was an einer Peitsche?

Ein bißchen Hintergrund Infos zum Thema, wie was an der Peitsche heisst und für was es gut ist. Oder nicht.
1 1 13.01.2014 21:00:58 by Robby Amper

Kaufberatung & Tipps

Hier kann man sich gegenseitig mit Ratschlägen helfen und Infos holen, bevor man einen Haufen Geld ausgibt und sich nachher ärgert
8 62 04.10.2013 14:59:31 by Fritz Ehlers

Indiana Jones Ausstellung in der Schweiz - Juni 2014

Eine große Ausstellung zum Thema Indiana Jones, Filmrequisiten und alles zum Thema Peitsche. Mit Vorträgfen und Shows!
1 32 21.07.2014 22:02:48 by Andreas Dragone
1 4 21.07.2014 17:13:36 by Ralph Maseman

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